Physics Colloquia 2018/2019



Nick Kaiser

Unveiling the Secrets of the Universe using its Large-Scale Structure
Date: 18/12/2018
Topic: Cosmology
Affiliation: École Normale Supérieure (FRA)

Itamar Procaccia

Catastrophic failure of amorphous solids
Date: 22/01/2019
Topic: Physics of Amorphous Solids
Affiliation: The Weizmann Institute of Science (ISR)

Cristiano Galbiati

The DarkSide Program of Direct Dark Matter Searches
Date: 12/03/2019
Topic: Dark Matter
Affiliation: Princeton University (USA) & Gran Sasso Science Institute (ITA)

Fabrizio Caola

Precision phenomenology at the LHC: from quantum field theory to new physics
Date: 09/04/2019
Topic: Collider physics
Affiliation: Oxford University (GBR)

Benoit Ladoux

Dynamics of epithelial cells during collective migration and cell extrusion
Date: 07/05/2019
Topic: Biophysics
Affiliation: Université Paris Diderot & CNRS (FRA)

Jorge Piekarewicz

Nuclear astrophysics in the new era of multimessenger astronomy
Date: 28/05/2019
Topic: Nuclear astrophysics
Affiliation: Florida State University (USA)