Postdoc positions available at Trinity College Dublin – Condensed Matter Physics

A number of openings for PhD and Postdoc positions in the group of Prof. Stefano Sanvito. These are connected to a recent project sponsored by Science Foundation of Ireland, and aiming at developing a multiscale theory for spin-transfer torque devices from first principles. The details of the positions are here below and a more extensive description is attached.

It aims at developing an integrated package combining ab initio transport and micromagnetic simulations to describe spin-transfer torque driven magnetization reversal. Experience in micromagnetic simulations and coding micromagnetic software is essential.  See Advertisement-2015_Postdoc

PhD 1:

It aims at developing a high-throughput electronic structure approach to  the design of new magnetic tunnel junctions. The project will combine advanced electronic structure theory and data-mining/artificial  intelligence methods to design new, high-efficiency, magnetic  nanostructures. See Advertisement-2015_PhD

PhD 2
It aims at investigating electron transport in nanoscale magnetic  devices both at finite bias and in the linear response limit. The main  theoretical tool will be density functional theory combined with the non-equilibrium Green’s function method for transport and most of the  computation will be done with the Smeagol code (