From the administrative rule regarding the use of the found of the Research Endowment, to the students can be covered only for these expenses:

- PhD students’ travel expenses (travel, lodging, meals, application fees) in Italy or abroad.
- Expenses for editing the thesis.

Students expenses must be authorizes by the Supervisor and delivering to the PhD School Secretariat the compiled specimen (at the web page
To complete the process, depending of the kind of the expense, the students have to deliver the following documentation:
1. travel documents (airplane tickets and boarding cards, train tickets, etc.) specifying distance and prices. If the price is missing a receipt for the payment is required.
2. the following documents are required in case of participation in schools, workshop or conferences:
- the poster of the conference/school;
- certificate of attendance;
- receipt for the registration fee;
- receipt for lodging expenses.
3. personal data (address and fiscal code) and methods of payment (bank information). The student must deliver to PhD School Secretariat its personal/banking data using the form at the web page In case of change of the data the student is kindly requested to inform immediately the Secretariat that will update the Data Base. This will shorten the reimbursement time (that generally takes two-three months).

However, Research Group may contribute to the student’s expenses with own funds.