18 positions with Scholarship available in 2022. The Application deadline was July 18th, 2022.

Candidates were required to  obtain their Master’s Degree and B2 English Certificate by the enrollment deadline, which was September 30th, 2022.

The Announcement has been published on June 17th 2022. See “how to apply” for a description of the application procedure.

IMPORTANT!  we required applicants to communicate their preference for the interview (on-site or remote) BEFORE JULY 21TH to phd@fisica.unimi.it and matteo.paris@unimi.it. This was crucial to properly plan the interviews’ schedule. Candidates who did not communicate their preference were scheduled for on-site interview.

Annex_A  Self drafted affidavit
Form_1 – Research Project
Form_2 – Referee form

  • Results of the evaluation of presented qualifications and schedule of the oral examinations (updated version, 27/07/2022)
  • Results of the oral examinations (updated version, 04/08/2022) INTERVIEWS GUIDELINES
  • Final results (updated versions, 19/10/2022)
    Istruzioni per l’immatricolazione Punto 4 “Immatricolati”
    Instruction for the enrollment Point 4 “Enroll”