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Research in Theoretical Physics aims at investigating the properties of physical systems, described in terms of basic constituents and of their interactions in a coherent mathematical formulation, and at providing explicit phenomenological predictions for the relevant physical observables.
The main research lines of the Milano Theoretical Physics group cover a broad range of topics:
Statistical Mechanics (study of critical phenomena also in out-of-equilibrium systems),
Elementary Particles Physics (precision tests of the Standard Model of the fundamental interactions and the searches for the Higgs boson), Quantum Field Theory (study of the origin of mass and of the mechanism of
breaking of the electroweak symmetry), Gravity, Supergravity and Strings (black holes theory and the
gauge-gravity correspondence), Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (study of open systems in a coherent
quantum mechanical formulation). Theoretical nuclear astrophysics (modelling of pulsar glitches).