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Research in Theoretical Physics aims at investigating the properties of physical systems, described in terms of basic constituents and of their interactions in a coherent mathematical formulation, and at providing explicit phenomenological predictions for the relevant physical observables.

The main research lines of the Milano Theoretical Physics group cover a broad range of topics: Statistical Mechanics (study of critical phenomena, statistical mechanics of machine learning and of biological systems), Elementary Particles Physics (precision tests of the Standard Model of the fundamental interactions, amplitude computations, Montecarlo methods), Quantum Field Theory, Gravity and Strings (black hole theory, gauge-gravity correspondence), Machine Learning and Quantum Machine Learning and their applications to High Energy Physics


Elementary Particles Physics

Claudia Frugiuele

Giancarlo Ferrera

Stefano Forte

Raoul Röntsch

Alessandro Vicini

Marco Zaro

Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning

Stefano Carrazza

Statistical Mechanics and Complex Systems

Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino

Marco Gherardi

Mario Pernici

Quantum Field Theory, Gravity and Strings

Antonio Amariti

Silke Klemm

Luca Molinari

Alberto Santambrogio