As in previous years, the reporting of First-Year students of our PhD School has taken place in the form of a “workshop”. Each First-Year student gives a short talk introducing the topic of his/her thesis, and expressing the main motivations why he/she finds that particular topic interesting and worthwhile.

Please note that the purpose is not to discuss technical details, but to give an overview of the topic of your work. We regard this event as an important opportunity for all the students and professors of our School to meet and know each other, and share interests and scientific discussion.

The Workshop 2019 will take place the 24th & 25th September 2019 in Sala Bertoni of Cumputer Science Dept. POSTER

September 24th

09:10  Mrunali Gaijan: Cosmology with gravitational waves from astrophysical sources: the impact of gravitational lensing.
09:30  Sara Ziliani: Study of neutron-rich light nuclei: a test to nuclear structure and clusterization phenomenona.
09:50  Carlotta Porzio: Nuclear shape evolution in Ge isotopes.
10:10  Stefano Mandelli: Atmosphere characterization for ground-based CMB measurements.
10:30  Simone Paradiso: Probing the reionisation history of the Universe with CMB polarisation data.
11:20  Martina Toscani: Gravitational Waves from transient events: analytical and numerical approach.
11:40  Simone Iovenitti: Diagnostic of ASTRI-Horn optics: runtime pointing and alignment with the Cherenkov camera.
12:00  Simone Di Leo: Hybridization and selectivity of random-sequence DNA Oligomers.
12:20  Marco Piazzoni: 3D Bio-Hybrid Actuators: a New Frontier in Soft Robotics.
12:40  Edoardo Suerra: Development of a MegaWatt-class pulsed laser system for Compton source in the framework of MariX project.

September 25th

09:00  Eliana Masha: Cross section measurements of astrophysical interest: Study of 22Ne(alpha, gamma)26Mg reaction at LUNA.
09:20  Davide Pietro Mungo: Machine learning meets the Higgs boson at the ATLAS detector.
09:40  Anita Previdi: Nano- and microscale fabrication and characterization of neuronal cell networks.
10:00  Claudia Ravasio: Optical characterization of mineral dust with digital in-line holography.
10:20  Linda Ravazzano: Unjamming of active rotators.
11:10  Sara Moon Villa: Soft polymeric nanocomposites for electromechanical conversion: a tool for sensing and energy harvesting.
11:30  Vittorio Erba: Optimal transport theory: a disordered system point of view.
11:50  Tanjona Radonirina Rabemananjara: Generative Adversarial Neural Networks (GANs) for Parton Distribution Functions (PDFs).
12:10  Jesus Urtasun Elizari: Machine Learning for the precision determination of Parton Distribution Functions.




Nicola Panzeri: Nonlinear dynamics of nonneutral plasmas. SLIDES
Linda Bianchini: Repeatability and robustness of radiomic features extracted from magnetic resonance images of pelvis district: a phantom study. SLIDES
Alice Corina Forello: Development and optimisation of experimental and modelling approaches to characterise high-time resolution atmospheric aerosol and its sources. SLIDES
Manjeet Kumar: Development and implementation of direct injection mass spectrometry (DIMS) based analytical method to study volatile organic compounds (VOCs): Beer as a challenging case study. SLIDES
Luka Vanjur: DNA complexes on a biosensing surface. SLIDES
Giovanni Stagnitto: Issues with the single jet inclusive cross section. SLIDES
Yunsheng Dong: Characterization, performance assessment and data analysis of a drift chamber in the FOOT experiment. SLIDES
Giulia Gosta: Study of the isospin symmetry in 60Zn. SLIDES
Samuele Mariotto: Study and optimization of a magnetic field quality measurement system for the characterization of superconducting accelerator magnets: Analysis of critical aspects. SLIDES
Elisabetta Spadaro Norella: Search for exotic states at LHCb. SLIDES
Alessandro Montoli: Pulsar glitches and neutron star masses. SLIDES
Sabrina Realini: Analysis of the LSPE-STRIP optical system. SLIDES
Benedetta Maria Augusta Veronesi: Substructures in protoplanetary discs: how much coupled are dust and gas? SLIDES
Matteo Chighizola: Mechanotransduction, a biophysical investigation of the cell-microenvironment interaction. SLIDES
Francesco Mambretti: Energy-landscape driven crystallization slowdown in supercooled liquid mixtures. SLIDES
Matteo Mirigliano: Resistive switching in cluster assembled metallic films. SLIDES
Federica Simonetto: Study of pre-nucleation and aggregation in protein and colloidal system with novel opticalmethods like DLS and cDDLS. SLIDES
Riccardo Fabbricatore: How Statistical Physics can help Computational Complexity. SLIDES
Federico Michele Faedo: Black holes in gauged supergravity. SLIDES
Mauro Pastore: Symmetries, confinement and all that: perspectives on non-perturbative QCD. SLIDES


Umberto Rescigno: Mass estimates of galaxy clusters via strong gravitational lensing. SLIDES
Chiara Bigi: Electronic properties of low dimensional quantum materials. SLIDES
Llorenç Cremonesi: Optical characterization of mineral dust in ice cores. SLIDES
Francesco Delodovici: Ab-initio analysis of the structural and electronic properties of new carbon allotropes. SLIDES
Federico Motti: Probing magnetism in multiferroic heterostructures with syncrothron light. SLIDES
Agostino Tettamanti: Aerosol optical diagnostic. SLIDES
Paolo Edera: Delayed creep of weak colloidal gels. A microrheological investigation. SLIDES
Matteo Simone Azzola: N=2 Supergravity in Anti-de Sitter Spacetimes. SLIDES
Andrea Di Gioacchino: Euclidean Random Matrices. SLIDES
Giulio Salvatori: Modern Approaches to Scattering Amplitudes. SLIDES
Sara Valentini: Experimental and modelling approaches to investigate optical properties of atmospheric aerosol. SLIDES
Silvia Caprioli: Hunting primordial B-modes in CMB polarization maps: data analysis for the LSPE/STRIP experiment. SLIDES
Elia Giliberti: Strains and Stresses in the Crust of Spinning-Down Pulsars. SLIDES
Federico Incardona: Scanning the sky with the LSPE\STRIP instrument. SLIDES
Maria Giulia Ubeira Gabellini: Protoplanetary discs observations with ALMA and SPHERE. SLIDES
Davide Basilico: Search for sterile neutrinos with SOX: Monte Carlo studies of the experiment sensitivity. SLIDES
Daniele Marangotto: Preparatory measurements for a search of charm baryon EDM at LHCb. SLIDES
Lorenzo Rossini: Searches for supersymmetric higgsinos with the ATLAS detector. SLIDES


Enrico Ragusa: Dynamics of circumbinary discs: from supermassive black holes to protostars. SLIDES
Sonia Carrà: Search for top squark pair production in a final state with two leptons at LHC Run 2 with the ATLAS detector. SLIDES
Andrey Formozov: The investigation of liquid scintillator properties, energy and spatial resolution for JUNO reactor neutrino experiment. SLIDES
Andrea Merli: Measurement of matter-antimatter differences in beauty baryon decays. SLIDES
Marco Danilo Claudio Torri: Lorentz Invariance Violation studies in ultra high-energy cosmic rays at the Auger experiment. SLIDES
Simone Sala: Antimatter wave interferometry in QUPLAS. SLIDES
Francesco Albarelli: Nonclassicality in continuous variables quantum systems. SLIDES
Luigi Seveso: Ultimate precision: new developments in quantum estimation theory. SLIDES
Giacomo Tanzi Marlotti: How to analyse condensed matter with Positronium. SLIDES
Alessandro Banaudi: Quantum properties of supersymmetric gauge theories. SLIDES
Enrico Maria Malatesta: The Random Matching Problem. SLIDES
Giovanni Savini: Investigation of the cerebellar microstructure with diffusion MRI. SLIDES
Serena Marta Valle: The FragmentatiOn Of Target (FOOT) project: study of target fragmentation in protontherapy. SLIDES
Marcello Rossetti Conti: Ultra-short high brightness electron beams and their longitudinal shaping. SLIDES
Filippo Cola: Overshoot of cancer stem cell population. A theoretical model via rate equations and stochastic simulations. SLIDES
Alessandro Colombo: Coherent diffraction imaging via memetic algorithms. SLIDES
Chloé Minnai: Stretching effect on electrical and optical properties of metal-polymer nanocomposites. SLIDES


Alessia Franchini: Lense-Thirring precession during Tidal Disruption Events. SLIDES
Matteo Zennaro: The impact of massive neutrinos on the large-scale structure of the Universe. SLIDES
Marco Antonelli: Glitches and the structure of neutron stars. SLIDES
Gabriele Brambilla: Pulsars: the Magnetosphere and the Gamma-ray Emission. SLIDES
Matteo Rossi: Quantum systems interacting with complex environments. SLIDES
Mirko Siano: Probing coherence properties of X-rays radiation sources: the Heterodyne Near Field Speckle approach. SLIDES
Tommaso Pincelli: Time Resolved dynamics of La0.65Sr0.35MnO3 thin film. SLIDES
Riccardo Capelli: Path-independent free energy evaluation of amino acid mutations. SLIDES
Stefano Manzoni: Supersimmetry search with photons in the final state. SLIDES
Maria Giulia Ratti: Search for Dark Matter in mono-photon events with the ATLAS detector at 13 TeV. SLIDES
Marco Petruzzo: Valutazione di materiali ceramici sottili per circuiti ibridi per l’upgrade del tracciatore di LHCb. SLIDES
Alice Mentana: Test of the first PARIS array cluster. SLIDES
Michele Sacerdoti: Testing antimatter gravity: the Aegis experiment at Cern. SLIDES
Carmen Porto: Experimental generation of squeezed states of light. SLIDES
Alessandra Camplani: Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) for the Liquid Argon calorimeter back-end electronics in ATLAS. SLIDES
Zahari Dimitrov Kassabov: Improving the Understanding and Efficiency of PDF computations. SLIDES
Claudio Muselli: High Energy Resummation for Transverse Momentum Distributions. SLIDES
Nicolò Petri: Why black holes physics? SLIDES
Marco Rabbiosi: From Strings to AdS4 Black Holes. SLIDES



Giovanni Dipierro: The role of gravitational instability in the dynamics of dust grains in protostellar discs. SLIDES
Antonino Troja: CMB Non-Gaussianity as a probe of the physics of the primordial Universe. SLIDES
Giovanni Bocchi: Study of Ca isotopes via neutron capture reactions. SLIDES
Miriam Lafiandra: Interaction between hadrons and chemotherapic agents in human cancer cells cultured in vitro. SLIDES
Simone Michele Mazza: Search for extra dimensions in the di-photon channel at the ATLAS experiment at LHC. SLIDES
Zeudi Mazzotta: Strategies for the detection of n=3 and Rydberg Positronium levels in the AEgIS experiment. SLIDES
Giacomo Guarnieri: Study of correlations and non-Markovianity in dephasing open quantum systems. SLIDES
Camilla Santoli: N=2 supergravity in 4 dimensions. SLIDES
Matteo Cecchetti: Development of an imaging system for dose monitoring in hadrontherapy. SLIDES
Simone Manenti: Metabolic radiotherapy: study and optimization of the production of relevant radionuclides. SLIDES
Patrizia Rosa: X-ray photoelectron study on Ba0.5 Sr0.5 Co0.8 Fe0.2 O3-δ and La0.6 Sr0.4 Co0.2 Fe0.8 O3-δ before and after thermal treatment and permeation test. SLIDES
Martina Basini: Study of spin dynamics in ferrite-based MNPs. SLIDES
Andrea Bellacicca: Bioinspired soft actuators using metal-polymer nanocomposites. SLIDES
Roberto Meloni: Computational studies of protein elements in different denaturing conditions. SLIDES
Luca Puricelli: Nanomechanical and topographical imaging of living cells and tissues for the investigation of cellular interactions. SLIDES
Jacopo Trapani: Quantum to classical transition in noisy classical environments. SLIDES
Alessio Giampietri: Surface and interface physics of novel oxide heterostructures. SLIDES



Fatemeh Adelnia Najafabadi: Magnetic properties and spin dynamics in anti ferromagnetic molecular rings by 1H NMR. SLIDES
Nicola Nembrini: Time resolved optical spectroscopy on Na2IrO3. SLIDES
Cristian Franceschet: Development of high performance optics for the STRatospheric Italian Polarimeter. SLIDES
Stefano Capra:  Latest results in ASIC developments for TRACE and other detectors for nuclear physics research. SLIDES
Marina Laura Rossi: Viral DNA as a model for coil to globule transition. SLIDES
Roberta Lanfranco: Optically invisible plastics: a new tool to detect water pollutants. SLIDES
Riccardo Avigo: Search for the Pygmy dipole resonance in 64Fe. SLIDES
Simone Ceruti: Isospin mixing in 80Zr at finite temperature. SLIDES
Tommaso Brotto: Reproduction leads to higher population fitness: as simple as that. SLIDES
Camilla Curatolo: Physics and applications of Thomson/Compton back scattering. SLIDES
Tommaso Porcelli: Sputter-ion pumps: state of the art and development of new solutions for the employment in combination with non evaporable getters. SLIDES
Monica Ceresoli: Fabrication of nanostructures by means of Block Copolymer based lithography. SLIDES
Jacopo Frascaroli: Nanoscale resistive switching devices based on metal oxides. SLIDES
Andrea Manca: Dynamics of colloidal aggregation in microgravity by criticalì Casimir forces. SLIDES
Antonio Mandarino: About the use of fidelity to assess quantum resources. SLIDES
Mario Motta: Dynamical properties of many fermion systems. SLIDES
Daniele Andrea Redoglio: Quantitative elemental analysis of coal using LIBS and development of a prototype for power plant applications. SLIDES
Alessandro Sanzeni: Controlling tremor in Parkinson’s disease. SLIDES
Silvia Tognolini: Investigating graphene/metal interfaces by time-resolved non linear photoemission. SLIDES



Benedetti Claudia: Quantum correlations and decoherence in systems of interest for the quantum information processing. SLIDES
Borghi Francesca: Nanometer-scale morphology and surface charge density influence on protein adsorption. SLIDES
Bottoni Simone: Gamma spectroscopy of n-rich 95,96Rb nuclei by the incomplete fusion reaction of 94Kr on 7Li. SLIDES
Carrazza Stefano: Parton distributions with LHC data. SLIDES
Chimento Samuele: Fake Supergravity. SLIDES
Collica Laura: Mass Composition Study At Pierre Auger Observatory. SLIDES
Di Tuccio Maria Concetta: Thermodynamics for Cultural Heritage. SLIDES
Fornaro Giulia Alice: Characterization of diffractive optical elements for improving the performance of an endoscopic TOF-PET detector head. SLIDES
Krachmalnicoff Nicoletta: A step forward in studying Cosmic Microwave Background polarized signal: the LSPE/STRIP balloon experiment. SLIDES
Leoni Marta: Testing the AdS/CFT correspondence. SLIDES
Mariani Elisa: Single top production at the LHC. SLIDES
Morelli Marco: New methods for solar energy plants monitoring using satellite optical imagery.
Peli Simone: Non-equilibrium spectroscopy on correlated materials. SLIDES
Rigoni Federica: Sub-ppm ammonia detection in urban environments with carbon nanotubes gas sensors: possible strategies to enhance the sensitivity. SLIDES
Rotondo Pietro: Schramm-Loewner Equation and connections with Statistical Mechanics. SLIDES
Salvinelli Gabriele: Buried SiOx interfaces in CNT/Silicon heterojunctions unraveled by Angle-Resolved X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy. SLIDES
Samoylova Marina: Quantum Theory of Collective Atomic Recoil in Ring Cavities. SLIDES
Stellato Marco: Proposal for a didactic path on oscillations and waves for the secondary school: the normal modes of oscillation. Results of the preliminary experimentation. SLIDES
Tramonto Filippo: Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of low temperature many-body systems. SLIDES