the new Official Legal Notice is expected no later than the first week of June


positions with Scholarship available in 2022. The Application deadline is .., 2022.

The Announcement has been published on …, 2022. See “how to apply” for a description of the application procedure.

  • The official legal notice is available in Italian version and in English version

Annex A - Self drafted affidavit
Form 1 – Research Project
Form 2 – Referee form

  • Results of the evaluation of presented qualifications and schedule of the oral examinations (updated version, …)
  • Results of the oral examinations (updated version,…)
  • Final results in Italian version and in English version (updated versions, …)
    Istruzioni per l’immatricolazione Punto 4 “Immatricolati”

    Instruction for the enrollment Point 4 “Enroll”