Admission selection

I would like to apply for the current selection: where to start?

To apply for the current selection you should follow the steps explained in the Admission section of this website. If you need further clarifications, please contact the School Secretariat.

Notice that, in Italy, enrollments to PhD schools are possible, usually, only once a year.  Positions are assigned within an official selection based on CVs and interviews. PhD fellowships are usually not financed through the individual research groups, but  they are assigned at the central University level according to the results of the official, yearly selection.

I am not an Italian resident: shall I pay a fee to apply?

It depends, if you are an EU citizen or not. As explained in the admission section of this website, only Non-EU citizens are allowed to apply without paying the 50 euro fee in advance.

I am not an Italian resident: do i really have to come personally for the selection interview?

If you are resident outside EU, the application procedure is simpler than the one for Italian citizens. After submitting your application according to the instructions given in the appropriate section of this website, you may be contacted for an online interview. Moreover, if you are not resident in the EU, you are not required to pay the 50 euro fee in advance.


What about financial and practical help for accomodation in Milan?

Our PhD School grants a limited number of financial contributions to selected students who are resident abroad (or in Italy but far from Milan). As for practical help, you may contact our Secretariat.


Academics and Registration

How is my Academic Advisor assigned?

Upon entering the School, every student must choose an academic advisor. We encourage students to choose also a second faculty member as co-advisor. In this way, students have two separate faculty members to whom they can turn for help and advice.