Physics Colloquia 2022/2023


Massimo Chiari
Ion Beams for the Environment and Cultural Heritage: the Labec ExperienceDate: 2:30 PM of 12/12/2022
Place: Aula MA, Via Mangiagalli 31-Milano and
Affiliation: Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Division of Florence (ITA)
Elisa Resconi
The dawn of high energy neutrino astronomy

Date: 2:30 PM of 07/02/2023
Place: Aula A, Via Celoria 16-Milano and
Affiliation: Physik-Department, Technical University Munich (DEU)
Dmitry Budker
Elephant safari: Searches for Ultralight Bosonic Dark Matter with atomic & molecular physics and NMR

Date: 2:30 PM of 07/03/2023
Place: Aula A, Via Celoria 16-Milano and
Affiliation: Helmholtz Institute-Johannes Gutenberg Univiversity, Mainz (DEU) & University of California at Berkeley (USA)
Marc Mézard
Complex systems with structured disorder
Date: 2:30 PM of 18/04/2022
Place: Aula A, Via Celoria 16-Milano and
Affiliation: Università Bocconi (ITA)
Sherry Suyu
Cosmology with Strongly Lensed Supernovae
Date: 2:30 PM of 11/05/2023
Place: Aula MA, Via Mangiagalli 31-Milano and
Affiliation: Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics (DEU)
Phil Walker
Energy traps in atomic nuclei

Date: 2:30 PM of 30/05/2023
Place: Aula ZOOM
Affiliation: University of Surrey (GBR)
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Physics Colloquia 2021/2022


Morten  Hjorth-Jensen
Artificial intelligence and machine learning in nuclear physics
Date: 2:30 PM of 03/12/2021
Place: Aula A and
Affiliation: Michigan State Univiversity (USA) & University of Oslo (NOR)
Aleksandra Walczak
Prediction in immune repertoires
Date: 2:30 PM of 28/01/2022
Affiliation: Ecole Normale Supérieure (FRA)
Massimo Robberto
The big scientific questions that JWST is going to address
Date: 2:30 PM of 18/02/2022
Place: Aula A and
Affiliation: Space Telescope Science Institute (MD-USA)
Suliana Manley
Biophysical mysteries and insights into organelle structure and dynamics
Date: 2:30 PM of 11/03/2022
Place: Aula A and
Affiliation: EPFL-École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (CHE)
Arthur McDonald
Understanding our Universe from Measurements Deep Underground
Date: 2:30 PM of 29/04/2022
Affiliation: Queen’s University (CAN)
Johannes Henn
Recent developments for scattering amplitudes
Date: 2:30 PM of 20/05/2022
Place: Aula A and
Affiliation: Max-Planck-Institut für Physik (DEU)
Carlo Cavedon
Frontiers of Medical Physics in diagnostic and therapeutic scenarios
Date: 2:30 PM of 10/06/2022
Place: Aula A and
Affiliation: President AIFM-Italian Association of Medical Physics


Physics Colloquia 2020/2021

Ewine Van Dishoek
Zooming in on planet-forming disks around young stars
Date: 3:00 PM of 16/12/2020
Affiliation: Universiteit Leiden (NLD)
Marialuisa Aliotta
Nuclear Astrophysics Underground: The LUNA Experiment
Date: 2:00 PM of 19/01/2021
Affiliation: University of Edinburgh (GBR)
Bernadett Weinzierl
Global measurements of fine and coarse mode aerosol – Insight from recent aircraft field experiment
Date: 3:00 PM of 02/02/2021
Affiliation: Universität Wien (AUT)
Gijsje Koenderink
Active material properties of cellular and extracellular biopolymer networks
Date: 3:00 PM of 16/02/2021
Affiliation: Technishe Universiteit Delft (NLD)


Physics Colloquia 2019/2020

Schedule: General Poster


Amos Maritan
Optimality and Scaling in Living Matter

Date: 21/01/2020
Topic: Statistical Physics
Affiliation: Università degli Studi di Padova (ITA)
Giovanni Comelli
The role of the substrate in the growth of 2D materials: the case study of graphene on nickel surfaces
Date: 11/02/2020
Topic: Surfaces Physics
Affiliation: Università degli Studi di Trieste (ITA)
Bernadett Weinzierl
Global measurements of fine and coarse mode aerosol – insights from recent aircraft field experiments
Topic: Aerosol
Affiliation: Universität Wien (AUT)