Eni Award 2023 – Young Researcher of the Year – Call for Proposal

Following the Official Announcement sent on August, 30th, 2022, it has been launched the 2023 Edition of the Eni Award – Young Researcher of the Year Prize, which is addressed to graduates born in or after the year 1990 having defended their Doctorate Thesis at an Italian University during 2022 or 2021 on the various scientific topics promoted by the Eni Award: decarbonization and energy transition, new energy frontiers and advanced environmental solutions.

The Prize is offered to two winning candidates and consists in a specially struck gold medal of the Italian State Mint and the sum of € 25,000 each.

A flyer with the details can be found at the following link: https://www.eni.com/en-IT/scientific-research/eni-award.html.

The candidature procedures are totally free of charge and easily managed through a web platform. As focal point for the application process, you can find a support from giovanna.madera@feem.it.


The PhD School in Physics, Astrophysics and Applied Physics at The PhD School in Physics, Astrophysics and Applied Physics at University of Milano offers fourteen (14) scholarships for its three-year graduate program. Four (4) additional scholarships on specific themes are also available.

The scholarship provides full coverage of University fees, a net salary of 14,450, and a travel grant of 3,000 EUR.

Two Milano-allowance contributions of 2,000 EUR/yr will be granted to the two best-ranking students from outside the Milano area. Additional funding may be obtained through part-time teaching.

The dead line for applications is 2:00pm July 18,2022.

The scholarships will be awarded based on the candidates’ CV, a written non-binding research project, two reference letters, and an interview that may be held on-site or from remote. Candidates should communicate their preference to phd@fisica.unimi.it before July 21th. Interviews will start on July 26th.

For any inquiry regarding the application procedure/forms be in touch with the IT department and do not write to the above address.

The official announcement is available at: http://phd.fisica.unimi.it/admission/selection/ or


Postdoctoral position at NYU

The Dept. of Physics at NYU is looking to hire a new Postdoctoral Associate in Theory of Deep Learning who will use innovative numerical methods to understand how the interplay between landscape structure and optimization dynamics yields generalizable solutions.

Bando concorso ACN assunzione di 50 laureati ICT

L’Agenzia per la cybersicurezza nazionale ha lanciato una prima selezione pubblica finalizzata all’assunzione, a tempo indeterminato, di 50 laureati con esperienze e conoscenze in 6 distinti settori dell’ICT.
Entrare a far parte dell’ACN significa mettere il proprio talento e le proprie competenze al servizio dell’interesse generale partecipando a una missione che è vitale per il mantenimento della prosperità economica e della sicurezza del Paese all’interno del processo di trasformazione digitale.
In questa prima selezione l’Agenzia cerca profili tecnici, laureati in ingegneria, matematica, fisica e informatica; per la maggior parte dei profili ricercati è richiesta anche un’esperienza di almeno un paio di anni.
Le domande possono essere presentate, entro il 25 marzo 2022, mediante il sito dell’ACN raggiungibile al seguente link https://www.acn.gov.it/lavora-con-noi/50-assunzioni-indeterminato in cui è possibile trovare la locandina del concorso e il bando contenente l’indicazione degli specifici settori di concorso, dei requisiti richiesti e delle relative prove d’esame.

Physics Colloquia 2021/2022


Morten  Hjorth-Jensen
Artificial intelligence and machine learning in nuclear physics
Date: 2:30 PM of 03/12/2021
Place: Aula A and https://zoom.us/my/aula.a
Affiliation: Michigan State Univiversity (USA) & University of Oslo (NOR)
Aleksandra Walczak
Prediction in immune repertoires
Date: 2:30 PM of 28/01/2022
Place: https://zoom.us/my/aula.dottorato
Affiliation: Ecole Normale Supérieure (FRA)
Massimo Robberto
The big scientific questions that JWST is going to address
Date: 2:30 PM of 18/02/2022
Place: Aula A and https://zoom.us/my/aula.a
Affiliation: Space Telescope Science Institute (MD-USA)
Suliana Manley
Biophysical mysteries and insights into organelle structure and dynamics
Date: 2:30 PM of 11/03/2022
Place: Aula A and https://zoom.us/my/aula.a
Affiliation: EPFL-École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (CHE)
Arthur McDonald
Understanding our Universe from Measurements Deep Underground
Date: 2:30 PM of 29/04/2022
Place: https://zoom.us/my/aula.dottorato
Affiliation: Queen’s University (CAN)
Johannes Henn
Recent developments for scattering amplitudes
Date: 2:30 PM of 20/05/2022
Place: Aula A and https://zoom.us/my/aula.a
Affiliation: Max-Planck-Institut für Physik (DEU)
Carlo Cavedon
Frontiers of Medical Physics in diagnostic and therapeutic scenarios
Date: 2:30 PM of 10/06/2022
Place: Aula A and https://zoom.us/my/aula.a
Affiliation: President AIFM-Italian Association of Medical Physics


Bando Eni Award – Giovane Ricercatore 2022

E’ stato pubblicato il bando di Eni Award – Giovane Ricercatore dell’Anno per l’edizione 2022.

Il Premio Giovane Ricercatore dell’Anno è rivolto a ricercatori che siano nati a partire dal 1989 o negli anni seguenti, dottorandi o dottori di ricerca che abbiano conseguito o debbano conseguire nel corso del 2020 o del 2021 il loro titolo di studio in una università italiana su temi relativi ai settori energetico e ambientale.

La scadenza per la registrazione dell’account necessario alla presentazione della candidatura è fissata per venerdì 12 novembre 2021, entro e non oltre le ore 17:00. La procedura di candidatura potrà invece essere conclusa anche successivamente, non oltre venerdì 26 novembre 2021 alle ore 17:00.

Per ulteriori approfondimenti, si possono trovare le versioni integrali del bando di questo premio e di tutti gli altri premi Eni Award a questo link.

Call for Brains for the 2021 edition

Dear all

We would like to remind you that the Call for Brains for the 2021 edition of Industrial Problem Solving with Physics <https://event.unitn.it/ipsp2021/en/> is open ONLY until April 28 at 1.00 p.m.
IPSP began in 2014 at the Department of Physics, University of Trento, in partnership with Confindustria Trento and Polo Meccatronica-Trentino Sviluppo, with the aim of promoting the profession of scientists outside academia and strengthening the connection between the world of research and that of industries.

To apply click here <https://webapps.unitn.it/Apply/en/Web/Home/convegni>.

For any questions or doubts please do not hesitate to contact us.
The Organizing Committee of IPSP2021 ipsp2021@unitn.it

Physics Colloquia 2020/2021

Ewine Van Dishoek
Zooming in on planet-forming disks around young stars
Date: 3:00 PM of 16/12/2020
Place: https://zoom.us/my/aula.y
Affiliation: Universiteit Leiden (NLD)
Marialuisa Aliotta
Nuclear Astrophysics Underground: The LUNA Experiment
Date: 2:00 PM of 19/01/2021
Place: https://zoom.us/my/aula.consiglio
Affiliation: University of Edinburgh (GBR)
Bernadett Weinzierl
Global measurements of fine and coarse mode aerosol – Insight from recent aircraft field experiment
Date: 3:00 PM of 02/02/2021
Place: https://zoom.us/my/aula.y
Affiliation: Universität Wien (AUT)
Gijsje Koenderink
Active material properties of cellular and extracellular biopolymer networks
Date: 3:00 PM of 16/02/2021
Place: https://zoom.us/my/aula.y
Affiliation: Technishe Universiteit Delft (NLD)