16 positions  available in 2016.

The Announcement has been published and the application procedure open to candidates. Deadline for uploading applications: 01:00 pm of July 6th, 2016. See “How to apply” for a description of the applicaton procedure.

LIST of accepted Certificates for english language skills

ANNEX-A - Self drafted affidavit

Form 1 - Research Project

Form 2 – Referee form

Form 3 – Information for English proficiency Test/Skype Interview

Form 4 – Exception declaration

  • Results of the evaluation of presented qualifications and schedule of the oral examinations.
  • Results of the oral examinations
    The oral examination consists of an interview to evaluate the candidate’s scientific background, ability and aptitude for scientific research. Every candidate will be invited to present on a whiteboard the submitted Research Project in no more than 12 minutes. If necessary, paper copies of diagrams and/or images contained in the Research Project could be used by the candidate as a reference. During the oral examination, the candidate will have to focus on the scientific field related to the research project and on his/her own role in the proposal. The presentation will be followed by some questions by the Committee.The candidate can choose to have the interview either in Italian or in English.