We assume you used either latex or pdflatex

Prepare the package

  1. Start from a clean folder, to be sure you submit only the necessary files.
  2. copy in the folder all the tex files and all images (possibly in a images/ subfolder)
  3. reduce the size of all the images over about 200K, you should have a final archive below 10MB, or arxiv might reject your submission, on linux it is convenient to modify INPLACE with
    mogrify -thumbnail 500x yourimage.jpg 
  4. png format is inefficient if you have color gradients, convert to jpg in this case
  5. if you use any non-standard package, copy the .sty in the submission folder
  6. if you use pdflatex, add \pdfoutput=1 in the top 5 lines of your main file
  7. Prepare the bibliography, arXiv wants just the compiled bbl not the bib files:
    1. compile your thesis with latex or pdflatex
    2. call bibtex thesis.aux to create thesis.bbl: this reads thesis.bib and gets all the citations
    3. then *remove* thesis.bib
    4. if natbib complains that “Bibliography not compatible with author-year citations”, just set \usepackage[numbers]{natbib}
  8. check that everything is compiling with latex or pdflatex
  9. remove all the temporary files, all aux, out…
  10. create a tar.gz or a zip of all the files, NOT THE FOLDER, i.e. *inside* the folder use tar czvf thesis.tar.gz *


  1. Go to arxiv.org
  2. create an account (you need sponsorship by a registered author: probably your tutor can help you here)
  3. submit a new paper
  4. upload your .tar.gz
  5. check if the latex or pdflatex compilation works
  6. if not, after fixing, you may replace just a few modified files or your entire tar.gz, depending on convenience
  7. in the comment field please write that it is a PhD thesis, the year of your graduation and link http://phd.fisica.unimi.it