SIF prize awarded to Miriam Lafiandra

ROMA, 21-25 September 2015 – Miriam Lafiandra presentation “Interaction of clinical proton or photon beams with a chemical radio-sensitizing agent in human glioblastoma cells cultured in vitro” at the 101° SIF (Italian Physics Society) national congress has been awarded as the best presentation in Section V (Biophysics and Medical Physics).

foto Lafiandra

Miriam has already completed the 2nd PhD year in Physics at our School supported by an INFN PhD Fellowship. Her research activity is in the field of Radiation Biology and is a part of the INFN experiment RDH-IRPT. Aim of her activity is the study of combined therapies (hadrons, Protons and Carbon ions, and chemotherapy drugs) in human cancer cells cultured in vitro.